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What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is the process of pumping a water, dirt and cement mixture under a concrete slab in order to lift it. This mixture is called slurry. The exact ingredients vary from company to company, and from job to job. Mudjacking can be the solution to many homeowners’ concrete problems, including foundation settling, crumbling curbs and repairing falling sidewalks. It may also be called concrete leveling, pressure grouting or slabjacking.

Why does it happen?

Concrete can sink or settle for several reasons. If the original concrete was installed on dirt that had not been compacted properly, the slab will start to settle within a few years. Soil erosion is another big contributor and is fairly common in some parts of the United States. The earth also naturally settles over time so if the slab is over seven to ten years old, it may be the natural progression of things. In any case, once the concrete does start to tilt or sink it can cause walking hazards, unwanted water runoff, or major foundation issues.

How is mudjacking done?

First, small holes are drilled into the concrete slab to be lifted. Slurry is then pumped into these holes under pressure, filling any gaps under the slab. When the gaps are filled, the slurry becomes pressurized, and raises the slab hydraulically to the necessary height. In the final step, the holes that were originally drilled are then filled with a concrete mixture.​


​​​​~ Support & stabilization of any and all foundation walls

~ Excavation only under severe conditions (maybe 5-10% of the time)

~ Inside and outside drain tile (outside as last resort)

~ Installation of drainage board to ensure water will never enter your foundation again

​~ Install sump crock if needed

~ Reinstall wash tub / washer dryer if needed

~ Epoxy Injection on any and all poured foundation walls