Some of Our Services

*We do not subscribe tp WAFRP standards, therefor we can stabilize most foundations using third party engineering and NO NEED TO EXCAVATE.  Saving you thousands in landscaping costs and repairs.

We are the third type of contractor.  The type of contractor that will not only inspect your entire situation, but will also back it up with a third party engineering report that  unequivocally addresses your property stating your address. 

The reason why this is so important is that in most cases you will not have to spend the additional thousands of dollars on an exterior excavation.  The engineer will assess and calculate (with a build in safety factor) your entire foundation and the provide us with the calculations to execute the proper repairs. 

Another reason to have third party engineering is that at the time you were to sell your home and if there were any question as to how the foundation was repaired there would not be any questions when you hand the buyers a State Certified Engineering report  that matches the work that was performed and the building permit has been approved by the municipality.

At WFS we will never change the price of the agreed upon contract.  We will always provide a proposal, building permit, lien waiver, engineers report and paid in full receipt.  On structural issues there will be a 20 yr transferable warranty.  On a job with water issues warranty may very

WFS would rather view your site and find NOTHING wrong, leaving you with a smile and money in your wallet then try to sell you on an unnecessary job.  Honesty is something we pride ourselves in.  We offer free estimates within 24 hours and begin work on site within 72 hours after signing contract.




We know that you're reputation is only as good as the results of your last job. That's why we pride ourselves on we are not happy until you are happy.

Step Cracking

  • Support and Stabilize any foundation walls
  • Excavation only under severe conditions (5-10% of time)
  • Epoxy injection on all poured foundation walls
  • Install sump crock pump if needed

Support Beams


Drain Tile

When selecting a foundation repair company, it is very important to know the difference between the beliefs of each company.  The choice can cost you thousands.


Our mission is simple.  We want to make our clients happy so they refer us in the future.

  • Inside and outside drain tile (outside as last resort)
  • Installation of drainage board to ensure water will never get into foundation again
  • Install wash tub/ washer dryer if needed

Epoxy Injection

Bowing Wall

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At Wisconsin Foundation Specialists, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to keep your project on track and on budget.

  • Contractor A- Contractor who says they will take cash and there is no reason to obtain a permit
  • Contractor B- Contractor that uses a set of standards (although they are guidelines) that are not addressing your particular property.  If there is n issue after the repair and a lawsuit were to occur, having the contractor say he followed a set of standards would be very hard to prove that those standards were appropriate for your property